Alpha Sigma Tau

Beta Tau Chapter at University of Massachusetts at Lowell

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Meet Our Sisters

Gamma Kappa, #444

Abbey Tavernese

My name is Abbey and I’m a senior business major with concentrations in management and marketing. I love getting involved at UML through different organizations and events thrown on campus. I also have a passion for community service and raise money for St.Jude Children’s Research Hospital in my spare time!

Gamma Mu, #453

Kelly Dankese

Hi I'm Kelly and I'm an Accounting Major. I love watching Grey's Anatomy, Starbucks, and Disney. Joining AST has helped me develop so many amazing friendships!

  • Position: Parliamentarian, Director of Collegiate-Alumnae and Family Engagement

Gamma Mu, #458

Olivia "Liv" Gouveia

Hey! I'm Olivia and I'm a nursing student. I want to travel the world & experience as many things in life as I can. I love being a sister of AST because it gives me endless opportunities & sisters across the country!

Gamma Mu, #467

Aria Porzio

Hi, I'm a Chemical Engineering major here at UML! Joining AST has inspired me to push myself to do so many other things around campus. In my free time I love to dance, go home to play with my dog and of course hang out with sisters.

  • Position: President

Gamma Mu, #470

Julie Rosenthal

Gamma Mu, #471

Carmen Tang

My name is Carmen and I'm a nursing major. During my free time, I enjoy playing tennis and I love going to the beach! My favorite thing about AST is how welcoming everyone is and how everyone is there for one another!

  • Position: Vice President of Member Development

Gamma Mu, #472

Victoria Thompson

My name is Victoria and I'm a Nursing major with a psychology minor. In my free time, I love to hang out with my friends and be outside. Joining AST opened up so many opportunities for me and expanded my social palate. There is something for everyone, and everyone feels welcome and happy surrounded by sisters.

  • Position: Director of Academic Success

Gamma Nu, #474

Shaelyn "Shae" Ahern

My name is Shae and I’m a History major with a French minor. In my free time I love to read, spend time with my sisters, and travel! My favorite thing about AST is our sisterhood; I have never-ending support and love from my sisters.

Gamma Nu, #475

Kayla Beswick

I am a junior nursing major and I hope to one day be a nurse practitioner! What I love about AST is how it has helped me to grow as a person and how I found an amazing group of women to call my sisters.

  • Position: Director of New Member Education

Gamma Nu, #476

Danielle DiFrumolo

Hi my name is Danielle and I am from Woburn, MA! I am a Public Health major with a minor in Psychology. I am also enrolled as an Honors Student. I joined AST to be more involved in college and to be part of a group of girls that will support you unconditionally. I am a wicked beach girl, but my favorite time of year is autumn because of all the beautiful colors. I am super out-going and will try anything once. At the same time, I love being curled up in a blanket watching Netflix or reading a good book.

  • Position: Director of Sisterhood

Gamma Nu, #477

Hannah Fagan

Hi my name is Hannah Fagan and I am a Public Health major from Marlborough Ma. I love reality TV, shopping, and going to the movies. my favorite color is blue and my favorite animal is a crocodile. I joined AST to meet more people and to gain leadership skills.

  • Position: Director of Event Planning, Junior & Senior Illuminate Facilitator

Gamma Nu, #480

Emily Wyatt

Hi! I’m Emily, and I’m a Civil Engineering major. I love dogs, being outside and taking naps (teehee). I decided to join Alpha Sigma Tau to find a steady group of friends here at school, and I’m happy to say I have found just that!

  • Position: Vice President of Growth

Gamma Xi, #481

Cailin Beattie

My name is Cailin and I am a Clinical Lab Science/Pre-Med student! I love sparkles, music, napping, dancing, telling puns, and my cat. I have been a competitive cheerleader most of my life. AST has given me the best support system and some of the best friends that I could ask for.

  • Position: Director of Ritual

Gamma Xi, #482

Jessica "Jessy" Berozsky

Hello! I'm Jessy and I'm an Environmental Science major with a focus in Legal Studies. I'm in love with cats and scary movies. I enjoy the outdoors a bunch, I like hiking a lot and camp whenever there is an opportunity. I joined AST to become more involved on campus and the community. I wanted to be part of something bigger, and to form new friendships.

Gamma Xi, #487

Kaitlyn Kiley

Hi! my name is Kaitlyn and I'm a Business major. In my free time I like to ski, watch HGTV, and hang out with my friends. Joining AST gave me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people and get very involved around campus.

  • Position: Vice President of Finance

Gamma Xi, #488

Katie Moreland

Hi! I’m Katie and I’m a Biology major on the Pre-Med track with a minor in Public Health. I’m a huge animal person and I want to travel the world someday. I’m also an RA here at UML. I joined AST to make new friends and get more involved with philanthropy.

  • Position: Nominations Chair

Gamma Xi, #490

Nicole Savoie

Hi, I'm Nicole! I'm a Psychology student with a focus in Developmental Disabilities and a minor in Education. I'm from Attleboro, Massachusetts, and someday I hope to work in a school as an Educational Psychologist! I love being a part of AST because of all the friendships I've made, even in such a short amount of time.

  • Position: Vice President of Organization Development, Secretary

Gamma Xi, #491

Brittany Segill

Hi my name is Brittany Segill. I am an Environmental Science major. I love being outside, hanging out in the sun and petting dogs. I decided to join Alpha Sigma Tau to make friends and to make freshman year less scary. Joining was definitely a great decision and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • Position: Vice President of Community Relations

Gamma Omicron, #493

Caroline Burgess

Hey I’m Caroline! I study accounting here at UML and have accepted an offer from a big four firm starting January! In my free time, I love hiking, skiing, and traveling around Europe. One of the best decisions I’ve made in college is joining Alpha Sigma Tau. These girls are an amazing network that I know will be there for me for life! College has been a wild ride; I’m so thankful to have these girls next to me!

Gamma Omicron, #494

Kasey Daly

Hi I am Kasey and I am majoring in Public Health with a Health Science track. I am from Chelmsford, MA. Outside of AST, I am a Resident Advisor, work at Lowell General Hospital and work for the Athletic Department. I am a huge sports fan and love to travel. AST has allowed me to build lasting friendships and allowed me to give more back to the community through service.

Gamma Omicron, #497

Jenny Nguyen

Gamma Omicron, #498

Joylyn Norris

Hi! My name is Joylyn Norris, I’m a Chemical Engineering major here at UML! AST has given me the push I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try new things!

  • Position: Vice President of Operations

Gamma Pi, #500

Shelby DeLosh

  • Position: Greek Delegate

Gamma Pi, #501

Gabriella "GiGi" Gimas

Gamma Pi, #502

Margaret Hoff

  • Position: Sophomore Illuminate Facilitator

Gamma Pi, #503

Alexsia Khim

  • Position: Director of Fundraising

Gamma Pi, #504

Hayley Maskell

  • Position: Finance Assistant

Gamma Pi, #505

Mariah McCarthy

  • Position: Director of Membership Selection

Gamma Pi, #506

Nicole McClory

Gamma Pi, #507

Megan O'Leary

  • Position: Director of Public Relations

Gamma Pi, #508

Janine Reidy

Gamma Pi, #509

Gillian Seed

Hey, I'm Gillian and I am a sophomore computer science major. I am from Lexington, MA and I have figure skated and played the piano for most of my life. I joined AST to make new friends and participate in exciting philanthropy events, and have benefitted greatly from it thus far!

  • Position: Director of Campus Recruitment

Gamma Pi, #510

Krina Shah

  • Position: Historian

Gamma Rho, #511

Elizabeth "Ellie" DiMauro

Gamma Rho, #512

Lucy Heinze

  • Position: Director of Philanthropy

Gamma Rho, #514

Rebecca "Becca" Stafstrom

  • Position: Director of Inventory